Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall re-cap 2

While we were in Indianapolis we decided to check out there zoo. It is not a huge zoo but it had a lot of really cool exhibits. For starters they have a dolphin show! A real, legit inside dolphin show. It was so fun. We live NO where near a Sea World, so I figured large sea animals doing multiple flips was just not in our future. We were really excited to find out about the dolphin show. For a large sum you can even swim with the dolphins, I am fine to just watch from the bleachers :) You could even go under the dolphin tank and be completely submerged in the water and they would swim all around you. The birdies really loved it. They also have a large cheetah exhibit and PrettyBird has had a thing for cheetahs for quite some time. However it was insanely hot and the cheetahs were feeling pretty lethargic, guess they have been out of Africa too long and can't handle the Indiana sun. It was at the cheetah exhibit that I won the mother of the year award. I thought we were ready to leave so I started walking to what I thought was the exit with BabyBird. I realized no one was following me so I headed back, it was at that point a lady came up to me and asked if my little girl had on a striped dress and then pointed over at LittleBird. She said she was crying for her mom and then ran to that man over there. Thankfully that man was her father. Apparently I had started walking one way and he the other, I guess she just stood in the middle. He was only a good 20 feet from her but I guess when she didn't see him she got scared. So when another mother tells you that your child was crying and couldn't find you, yeah, you begin to hear a small applause in the background and an announcer saying, "and the mother of the year award go's to..." Anyway, aside from that little mishap it was a super fun day and we will definitely plan on going back. Here are some pics from our day

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall re-cap 1

Instead of doing one big week long vacation this year we decided to do a few small trips. We kicked fall off with a trip to the Indianapolis children's museum and zoo. We had a blast! Thanks to some dear friends we got into the museum for free! We ended up spending 2 days at the museum and then a day at the zoo. Have you ever been to the children's museum there? If not you must go, it is awesome. While we were there they had a huge barbie exhibit and our birdies loved it. They even did a little fashion class and fashion show. You will be able to tell by the pictures that LittleBird loved it and PrettyBird was very intimidated (she cried). We also did the dino dig which was super cool. PrettyBird fell in the dino dig and skinned her knee. She thought it was really cool to tell everyone that a dinosaur had given her a boo boo :) Needless to say the birdies loved the museum and before we were even out of the parking garage they were passed out in their seats. I will save pics from the zoo for another post.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out with a bang

The tour is over and our Mr. is home, hurray! Well at least for a little while :) Overall I think my birdies and I did pretty well. I was able to keep us really busy and around lots of people which is always good for us. I poured all of my creativity into re-doing the bathroom to surprise the Mr. when he got home. I mean I am talking about stripping wallpaper, patching holes and lots of painting. I am really happy with the way it turned out and he was definitely surprised. I will post pictures soon. PrettyBird and LittleBird got haircuts. This was LittleBird's first one although I think I am the only one who can tell she got a haircut. Things went well for the 2 and 1/2 weeks he was gone, that is until 24 hours before he got home. LittleBird started saying her tummy hurt and about an hour later we all saw why her tummy was hurting, all over our living room recliner. Oh yeah it was bad. About two hours later PrettyBird said she wasn't feeling well and proved it on our living room rug. This continued every hour until about 10 the next morning. It was a looooong night. BabyBird got a small case of it and since she is still mainly nursing it wasn't too gross. So at the end of the stomach plague there were about 10 loads of laundry (shout out to my M.I.L.for helping with that), 6 pillows in the garbage and a recliner that is completely taken apart and still sitting on the front porch airing out. Not sure if the chair will be saved, but I am trying. So it is good to be healthy again and it is good to have our man home. I will leave you with a cute photo of the older birds. They are planning a Christmas tea with their little friends, this is the pic we put on the invitation. Spot of tea anyone?

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Where did fall go? My last post was at the beginning of fall. It was just starting to cool off and I had all kinds of fun fall things planned for the blog. It is now freezing outside and I didn't put up a single fun fall thing. Oh man. Well here I am now. Fall was really good for us in a lot of ways but we also had several "stretching moments". You know those times when you are not sure how things are going to happen and you can feel yourself getting pulled and stretched like silly putty. Living out of your comfort zone and blindly trusting. Yeah those are always fun times. But seriously we had a great fall, our Mr. was home with us most of September and October. It was so great to just spend time together as a family. We went on a couple road trips and just enjoyed being together. Because he was home that meant he wasn't playing shows, no shows equals limited funds know what I mean. But the Lord was good to us and supplied all our needs including a new (to us) van when big red bit the dust. And once again I am humbled and repentant of all the days I had a bad attitude and questioned how things would work out. Lets see have I ever gone hungry? no. have I ever been homeless? no. have I always been given more than I deserve? yes. Some day this silly mind of mine will finally wrap itself around the concept that I am loved and provided for even when it seems the opposite.
So here we are, the beginning of November. The Mr. is on the road again and these three birdies are growing up before my eyes. I am actually staring to plan a first birthday party, eek! I am also setting several goals for myself for the next couple months, I should make a list and post it then maybe I feel more accountable. I also want to do a couple fall recaps. For now I will leave you with a favorite family pic from on of our little trips. How was fall for everyone else?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Goodbye August

Seriously cannot believe it is already September, summer flew by. I am very happy of the thought of fall though. I have always been a cold weather fan, not that fall is cold but definitely a step in that direction. August was a HOT month for us. I am a baby when it comes to hot weather, I just don't function well. Aside from the heat august provided us with some great memories. BabyBird started crawling which as I said before was a surprise since her sisters didn't start crawling until they were older. She also decided to end the month by starting to stand up! She looks so short when she stands up its adorable. LittleBird potty trained and I am a happy momma to only have 1 in diapers now. She was so easy, only took like 2 days. She would get a jellybean every time she went. It was really cute to see her running down the hallway bare bottom chanting, " I get a jelly bean." It was a sad day though when the jelly beans ran out :) My little brother also turned 18 this August. Now that makes me feel old. We just had a small gathering with family to celebrate. It was his first birthday without mom, so we just kept it simple. I did however manage to find the shirt my parents had made for me when he was born. It has his name and says that I am him his big sister, and I could fit into it! I was pretty excited that a shirt I wore when I was 10 still fit after three kids. And to wrap August up my sis-in-law ( who has an amazing voice) sang the national anthem at a local baseball game and PrettyBird got to go to her first football game with her daddy and grampy, she loved it. So thanks August, you were good to us. Here are some pics to re-cap the month.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I find myself sighing a lot this morning, do you ever do that? Not sure why I am I guess maybe I am feeling contemplative. The Mr. headed off to Nashville this morning for some songwriting and the birds and I are taking it easy. I already had one gigantic coffee and since BabyBird decided to only take a 30 second morning nap, I think another cup might need to happen. We may or may not stay in our pajamas all day. No big deal, right? When Babybird was first born she slept like a champ, I couldn't believe it. However things have increasingly gotten worse. I know everyone says I should just put her in her bed and let her cry, but man is there anything else I can do. I know as her momma I need to teach her to sleep and how to go to sleep just as I will teach her other things. But teaching things at 3 in the morning is not too fun. And speaking of the BabyBird, she crawls now. The other birds didn't crawl until they were 9 months old, but I guess she feels the need to keep up with her sisters. She even pulled up to standing the other night so she could reach her sisters in the tub. I guess it is time to really baby proof the house. As I type I can see her chomping away on a wicker basket I have sitting on the floor. She also thoroughly enjoys chomping on toes and not just her own. It will probably really hurt once she gets a tooth, so watch your feet if you ever come over. (Please ignore the chipping off green nail polish, I promise she didn't eat any)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Little trip

Seabird had a show a few hours from home this weekend. It was an outdoor show so I packed up the birds and headed down. I strategically drove down early so we would do the driving during their nap time. Since the Mr. had some free time before he played, we headed over to the historical area of the town. There is a replica of a fort, a crazy awesome climbing tree and the original cabin that Lincoln's parents were married in. It was a lot of fun. I feel a little cheated in the area of American history, not sure if I just slept through that class or what but I really need to freshen up. There was a super old graveyard there. One of the tombstones had the date of 1793. It was the stone that belonged to the lady who brought the first spinning wheel to the state. The title put on her stone was "Revolutionary Patriot." What an amazing title to be remembered by, I found it inspiring. After visiting this area it makes me look forward to taking the birds on more trips to visit historical places. I hope they will develop a love for history and everything we can learn from those before us. Check out some of my favorite pictures of the day. Sadly the only picture I didn't get was that of PrettyBird dancing nonstop during the show, it was awesome.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Things

The Mr. is home and we are loving it, we even got to go on a little date night last night. Some dear friends of ours have been working for several years on opening a salon and last night was the grand opening. Sam is an AMAZING hairstylist and the sweetest guy ever. His wife and I actually went to high school together and she is super awesome as well. Last night they opened thier super chic and beautiful salon called High Five Salon in the Cincinnati area. It was so exciting to see the dream unfold, they have been working hard for years on putting this together. It was very inspiring to me to see them living out their dream. It wasn't easy and they worked really hard and will still work really hard but how cool is it that they made it happen.

It encourages me as we continue on our journey of being a family while supporting the Mr. in his adventures on the road. It isn't easy and it seems like every other day there is another set back, but we are working hard and believe in what we are doing. I don't want our success to be defined by our bank account, rather success should be if we are keeping our joy in the midst of whatever is going on and loving each other more than we love ourselves. If we are blessing others around us and growing as individuals and as a family then I think we are very successful despite what the checking account says.
If you are ever in the Cincinnati area and want the best haircut you have ever had then stop by the High Five Salon. Make sure you call weeks in advance though cause this place is books fast!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excuses, excuses

I really need to stop this once a month blogging. But once again the days turned to weeks and the weeks to a month. I have a pretty good reason though.... WE MOVED! Yay so excited to be in our own home again. We have been living with family and it was a really good thing for us but it is nice to be in our own home again. BabyBird's room is full of boxes and there is still wallpaper to strip but we are here and happy. And if that wasn't enough good news here is some more; the mr. is going to be home from touring for almost a month! So excited to have some good family time together, maybe even packing up the birds and going on a little vacay. I seriously need to do some back posting cause some really cool things have happened this summer. Thanks to the few of you who check in on me and please keep checking.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4th (on the 11th)

(Tried to post this the other day but blogger wasn't working)
Yes it is July 11th and I am posting about July 4th. Oh well, the pics of my little birds were too cute to not post. The Mr. is still on the road and missed out on the 4th festivities. We started the day by running to the store and getting babybird a new carseat. She has out grown her infant seat and she is only 6 months. Since she still needs to be rear-facing we had to get her a convertible seat. Man they grow fast. We then grabbed a quick lunch at one of our favorites, Chick-fil-a. LittleBird can spot chick-fil-a signs and skyline signs (Cincinnati thing) from a mile away. After lunch we parked at my sis-in-laws and walked up a small mountain (well felt like it) in the 95 degree, 100% humidity weather to the local parade. It was fun, the girls held their ears most of the time. By the way, what has happened to parades? When I was young everyone walked or made super cool floats. Now its a poster board stuck to the side of a pick-up with a few random people in the back, that makes me a little sad. We did see one random patriotic guy on a segway:) After the parade we headed to the festival where we were packed in like sardines. There was sooo many people. We bought 20 tickets to ride on some rides and only used 4. PrettyBird wouldn't ride any rides, LittleBird wated to ride everything she saw (we limited her to 2 rides) and Babybird slept in the carrier. We then headed to a field to watch the fireworks and it was at that point that my birds completely fell apart and we headed home. At least I got to see a couple cool fireworks. This was an overly detailed post about our day, oh well. Somedays we just have to do a bunch of stuff so we don't miss our Mr. too much while he is gone. It was one of those days. Below are some pics. What did you 4th of July look like?


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ok so I just realized after I posted that it has been 2 months since I blogged, that is crazy. Silly me

here we go again

So its pretty sad when you realize you have not blogged for a month, especially when your intention was to blog daily. It's not that I haven't wanted to or haven't thought about it, cause I have a lot. It just seemed like every time I sat down to write something it just sounded super negative, so I applied the old rule, " if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." But I am back and hopefully with a better attitude. So lets get caught up on what has happened the last month. Well my Mr. came home and got straight to work. We are currently living with family while we try to sell our home and get another home ready for us to move in. So while the Mr. was home we spent most of our days getting the new house ready. and then before we knew it he was hitting the road again. Summer is the time for music festivals, which can be a lot of fun. So far the birds and I haven't made it to any festivals, there are still a few left so maybe we can still catch one.
As for my birdies, they are just growing so fast. BigBird informed me that she doesn't want to be called BigBird, she thought beautiful pretty bird would be good we settled on just PrettyBird for now. LittleBird is now 2 and 1/2 and is really trying her independence, sometimes its super cute other times not so cute. She is also talking so much, like full on monologues. And sweet BabyBird is now 6 months and sitting up and rolling every where. It is so awesome to see her personality coming out and to see how much she adores her big sisters. BabyBird got to go to her first concert a few weeks ago when Seabird opened for Switchfoot and she loved it! Glad to see she is taking to the concert seen as well as the other two.
As for me, well I am doing okay. It has been a little tough this time with the Mr. on the road mainly do to the birdies not sleeping well. Also living in between homes can always be challenging. I still find myself grieving the passing of my mom a lot, which I think is to be expected. It has only been 6 months. It seems to come more in waves and random things seem to bring it on. Especially when one of the birdies does something super cute and I think, " oh I've got to call mom and tell her that." But slowly and surely I know my heart is being healed.
So once again I hope to get on a regular blogging schedule. I would like to do some posts on the DIY stuff I have been doing on the new house and maybe even do a give away. So check back soon! Below is a picture we took for the Mr. for father's day

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Alright its time to countdown, the Mr. will be home in one week and we are excited. Big bird has been constantly asking when daddy will be home. So we finally made a chart and every night before bed she marks off a day. It has been very helpful in giving her a better idea of how much longer we have. I must admit this has been a hard run. Sometimes the tours go by fast, but this one has seemed very long. Tomorrow will be my first mother's day without my mom and my first mother's day with my husband gone. So it could be interesting. I hope all you momma's out there have a wonderful day. It is such a gift to be a mother but it is by far one of the hardest jobs. You deserve more than just one day of celebration:) Its late and I need energy for tomorrow. So I am going to watch a little bit of SNL and hit the hay. Isn't Betty White gorgeous for 88?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Man, I have been feeling so uninspired yet at the same timing I am craving to be creative. It's a really weird feeling. I have always loved arts and crafts, if I could go back I probably would have studied art more in college. I love painting, sewing and taking old things and turning them into something new. I lay in bed and think of all the different things I want to try and create. Lately I have really been feeling the need to create but when I sit down to do it I just sit. I have a tendency to be a copycat artist. I try to re-make what other people do, which is fine since I am only making it for myself. I would never want to copy someone else's work and try to make money on it. But I would like to do some original things, I just can't seem to get the inspiration. Thats part of the downside of having a hubby that is gone alot. After a few weeks of having to do all the meals, all the diaper changes, all the baths, all the trips to the grocery (with the 3 birds), all the bedtimes, all the middle of the night wakings and feedings (and they happen every night), after being the main sol parent for awhile it gets exhausting! I have a new found appreciation for single parents, you guys amaze me. Anyway, when I finally get a few moments to myself (usually late at night) I seem to only be able to muster up enough energy to have a short conversation with my hubby and then just read other people's blogs and wish I was doing the creative things they are. So for now I will continue to copy others work so I can at least be doing something creative until I am hit with inspiration of my own. And if I copy your work I hope you take it as a compliment:) How do you get inspired?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

where oh where

Where oh where have I been, not blogging obviously. It has been a crazy couple weeks since the Mr. has been home. We always pack in so much stuff when he is here. Unfortunately our time with him started out with MAJOR allergy issues. I know everyone has been dealing with it, even our our sweet babybird now has it. Slowly we are all coming out of it. But I must say I am oh so tired. Hoping to get on a regular blogging schedule. But for now all the birdies are asleep so I should be too. Night!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It is once again that lovely time of the week when I must sit and think of 5 things I am thankful for. Kind of sad that I have to make myself stop and think about it. I am working on adjusting my attitude to one of thanks. It is so easy to get caught up in others lives and wish for what they had. But we must remember that we only see the surface of things, who knows what lies beneath. So which is a better way of live? Constantly comparing your life to others, overlooking the blessings right in front of you; or realizing what you have is still way better then most of the world and appreciating that it is yours. I think life in general for most people would be happier if they could just be more thankful. Now I will probably have to go back and read this post to myself in a few days when I find myself once again wanting what others have:) But today I am thankful for:
1. Sunshine, it is so lovely and warm. How can you be sad when it shining on you?
2. Allergy meds, my husband is slowly starting to look and sound like himself again, he got it bad this year
3. Left over reese's cup eggs from my girls Easter baskets
4. My chacos, best shoes ever. I have had them for 6 years and they are still so comfy
5. Bug spray, we had 6 wasps in our room the other day. I am not fast enough to get them without the spray.
Your turn:)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! Oh how I wish I could sing to you today. Though I am sure there is much singing where you are. I miss you more than words can express. But I am so thankful for today. Today marks when your life here on earth began and what a life you lived. You carried such a joyful presence every where you went. Countless people were touched by your love, compassion and generosity. You had the gift of hospitality and used it so well. Though disease tried to steal everything it could never touch the love you had for your family and friends. You lived more in 50 years then some people live in 90. Thank you for this example. I will continue to celebrate your life everyday and share it with everyone I see. Your testimony is an amazing story of faith and love. The world just isn't as good without you here. I know I will see you again someday. I love you with all of my heart. (The picture above was taken at the birds birthday party 7 days before mom went home to the Lord)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Okay so I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a week! I promise to do better in the future. Here is a recap of our week. Mr. Bird flew in (no pun intended) on saturday night. The little birds were super excited to wake up Easter morning to not only candy but their daddy. I was so glad we got to be together on Easter, I am however sad that I have no pictures to show for it:( My camera battery is completely dead and I cannot find the charger anywhere, very frustrating! So for now I won't have many photos for the blog, hopefully the charger will show up soon or I will get my new fancy pants camera (fingers crossed.) We had a great Easter and couple days with the Mr. then he was back on the road finishing up this tour. He should be home in a few days and then will have a nice break before hitting the road again with an awesome band called Need to Breathe.

Big Bird and I have been a bit under the weather the last couple days. I think its mainly allergies, but we have gone through our weight in tissues, not fun. We both seem to be doing better now.

I have decided to start Thankful Thursdays here at Ladybird's love. Each Thursday I will list five things that I am thankful for this week. I think it will be good for me to remind myself weekly of what I have to be thankful for. Whenever I am down or upset my mother-in-law always tells me to play the thankful game, I guess I will be doing it every Thursday now:)
So here is my list for my first installment of Thankful Thursday:
1. Sweet Tea, I am not a big coffee drinker but I love tea. I have had some late nights with my little ones sweet tea has been giving me that extra energy during the day.
2. Tissues with lotion. Like I said we went through a lot of tissues this week but at least our noses aren't chapped.
3. Buddy passes. So my hubby can fly home and see us when he has small breaks.
4. Encouragement. I have been needing some this week and I have received some really kind words.
5. Reading. I am finally getting back into reading and am loving it.

Okay so there is my list. How about you? What are you thankful for this week? Feel free to leave comments I love to see who is stopping by the blog.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today was a pretty normal day. Ran lots of errands, why are errands always so tiring? I thought I had everything timed out right tonight to be home in time to hear Seabird on "Ghost Whisperer", well I missed it by about 5 minutes. Bummer. Oh well I am glad their song was used on the show and I will just have to get the details of it from the ones who saw it. Did any of you see it?
I am getting pretty excited, in less then 24 hours my Mr. will be home! He really hasn't been gone too long (little less than 2 weeks) but it sure feels like it. I guess I just got so used to having him here over the holidays. But it seems that when the weather starts to get warm that's when they hit the road. I am hoping to take the birds to some of the summer festivals he is playing at this year. Those are always fun for kids, being outside and free to run around. Stopping just long enough to dance to one of daddy's guitar solos:)
I am thinking about starting a series of posts called flashbacks. They will be posts kind of going back and recapping on are adventures as a family and the band up until this point. It has been a crazy ride and still is. Hoping to do the first flashback tomorrow. This was a very random post oh well, good night for now!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

good news

Just found out about this. Very excited! This is the first song off their new album to be used on t.v. Hopefully this is the first of many. I have never watched this show but I will this friday, you should too:)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The Mr. will be home for Easter! Can you tell I am excited? We were not sure if he was going to be able to come home. He has a five day break from the tour over Easter and normally he would just fly home. We have been blessed to have access to buddy passes so it has been easy to get him home when he has breaks, but this weekend there was an embargo put in place and no one can use buddy passes. Needless to say I was pretty bummed. We found some ok prices on tickets but things have been so tight financially. We are just getting into the touring season. For the past 2 years it seems like touring pretty much stops end of December to February. That was a blessing this year because he was able to be home for baby bird's arrival and for my mom's passing. But touring is how bands make money. We took a couple days to think about it and decided to go ahead and buy the tickets two nights ago. Today the Mr. called to pay a bill and somehow there was extra money on our account and the bill was covered. That extra money just happened to total almost exactly what the two plane tickets we just purchased cost (one for the Mr. and one for his brother). Coincidence? I think not. No one could even really explain where the extra money came from, they just guessed maybe we had over paid but I am pretty positive we never have. I am feeling very thankful right now. I asked and received. This will be the first Easter without my mom, it won't be easy but it will be so much better with my husband here. No request is to small for the one who loves us most.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I have always loved pictures. They can say so much about a moment in time. I have recently become interested in learning how to take good pictures. I have been reading about lighting and angles and trying to experiment with my simple point and shoot. I am hoping to upgrade to a DSLR in the next month or so. I was excited when I came across They have the coolest looking camera bags. I will hopefully be getting one once I get my new camera. They are also doing a really great give away. You should definitely check it out. Below are some pictures of my birds that I took the other day. The sun was shining so beautifully I thought the lighting would be perfect. They were not so much into it. I think the pictures will speak for themselves:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorrow and Joy

" It used to be that sorrow was an island and joy was the ocean, but now joy is an island and sorrow is the ocean." This quote has been on my mind a lot lately, I think it really sums up how I have been feeling. Losing my mom is by far the hardest thing I have ever experienced. If you have ever lost someone close to you then you probably understand this. My world came crashing down on January 16 one day after celebrating my little birds second birthday. As I watched my mom take her last breaths I felt as though I was taking mine. That's the hard part. She is gone and I am here. My world felt like it came to a stop but the rest of the world kept going. I remember going to get some food late that day because I hadn't eaten anything and since baby bird relies on me for food I had to eat. The people at the restaurant of course greeted us by cheerfully saying, "How are you today?" Everything in me wanted to scream, "I am horrible I just lost my mom how can you be so happy?" Instead I just nodded. But that's the thing. Even though my world felt that it had stopped everyone else's kept going. And at some point you have to jump back in and continue life, though it will never be the same life. So that's what I am trying to do. There is no point in trying to make life like it was before, it will never be that way again. I am trying except this new season of life one day at a time. The quote above may seem very sad but there is a glimmer of hope in it. Though sorrow is much bigger than joy right now, there still is some joy. I am trying to find that bit of joy in the midst of sorrow each day and hold on to it. Some days I succeed in finding it, other days I fail miserable and those are very hard days. Over time I know the joy will grow bigger. The sorrow will never disappear but slowly in time the joy will out weigh the sorrow. I look forward to that time. The things bringing me the most joy right now are my three little birds. They are a lot of work especially when the Mr. is away, but to look into their sweet faces I can't help but smile. What things bring you joy in times of sadness?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy Lady

I often get looked at like I am a crazy lady. Whenever I bring my kids to shows I get a few " ahh look how cute, those little ones love the music" looks, but usually its more "that lady is nuts bringing those kids to a rock concert, bad mom" kind of looks. We have always said we wanted this to be a family thing and I try hard to make it that way. It is a lot of work taking these little birds to shows but they absolutely love seeing their daddy play. They know every word to every song. I think its important for them to see their daddy at work, it helps them understand better when he is gone for long periods. They know what he is doing cause they have seen him do it. I do have to be picky about where I take the kids. I don't take them to bar shows or places were there could be questionable behavior. Big bird observes everything and asks lots of questions, some things I am just not ready to explain to her. They are so cute to watch at the shows with their hot pink headphones on to protect their ears. They dance and sing and have a ball, I can't help but smile. Here are some pictures of big and little bird at some shows. Baby bird hasn't made it to one yet. My camera was on some crazy setting so the pictures are really bad, but you get the idea.

Tonight Mr. Bird is playing at a place where I wouldn't take the kids and since baby bird only goes a few hours between feedings I knew I would be sitting this show out too. Instead I headed down to the venue with baby bird to have dinner with the Mr. before the show started. He wasn't quite ready to leave so baby bird and I just waited in the back. I got several of the crazy lady looks while waiting. "Why in the world would you bring a baby here," was written all over their faces. I thought it was funny, I have brought my kids to lots of shows but I know when to draw the line. So to all of those who stare, no I am not crazy. I am just a mom who loves her kids and her husband and wants us to enjoy life together. Where is the craziest place you have taken your kids?