Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I find myself sighing a lot this morning, do you ever do that? Not sure why I am I guess maybe I am feeling contemplative. The Mr. headed off to Nashville this morning for some songwriting and the birds and I are taking it easy. I already had one gigantic coffee and since BabyBird decided to only take a 30 second morning nap, I think another cup might need to happen. We may or may not stay in our pajamas all day. No big deal, right? When Babybird was first born she slept like a champ, I couldn't believe it. However things have increasingly gotten worse. I know everyone says I should just put her in her bed and let her cry, but man is there anything else I can do. I know as her momma I need to teach her to sleep and how to go to sleep just as I will teach her other things. But teaching things at 3 in the morning is not too fun. And speaking of the BabyBird, she crawls now. The other birds didn't crawl until they were 9 months old, but I guess she feels the need to keep up with her sisters. She even pulled up to standing the other night so she could reach her sisters in the tub. I guess it is time to really baby proof the house. As I type I can see her chomping away on a wicker basket I have sitting on the floor. She also thoroughly enjoys chomping on toes and not just her own. It will probably really hurt once she gets a tooth, so watch your feet if you ever come over. (Please ignore the chipping off green nail polish, I promise she didn't eat any)

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  1. I just saw on FB newsfeed the blog link so I wandered here and wanted to say that the site looks beautiful, the posts are fun and the picture of the toe chomper brightened my day! Love it!

    -Ashley K