Monday, February 21, 2011


So I am awful at sports that involve hand eye coordination, like really awful. So bad that sometimes my friends would get together to play volleyball and would kindly ask me not to participate. Now they were really good and very competitive so I understood why they didn't want me to play, but seriously to be asked by your best friend to sit out, yeah that means you are bad. Basketball, baseball, volleyball and anything similar was a no go for me. I did take dance for many years and was pretty good. I was decent at soccer and did pretty well on the swim team. This Christmas my family was blessed with a the gift of a wii. And guess what, I KICK BUTT at wii basketball. Seriously, unbeatable! Of course I am always trying to teach my little birds that it is not all about winning and its ok to not win as long as you give it your all. But I must say winning is so much fun especially when I totally demolish my Mr. :) It cracks me up to see how frustrated he gets, particularly when I block him every time he takes a shot. If only there was competitive wii sports in high school. The weather here is super gross so I am thinking some wii basketball just might be in-store for the evening. What rainy day activities do you enjoy?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funny things my birdies say

My girls say some of the funniest things and today they were on a roll. So to give you a laugh and for my memory here are a few of their recent ramblings:
1. Littlebird jumps up saying, "I have to go potty, I have to go potty!" she then runs straight in the kitchen yelling to her sisters to not touch her horse she was playing with, suddenly she stops and says, "hey this isn't the bathroom"
2. During bedtime prayers Prettybird thanked the Lord for her daddy and said, "thank you that he works to get money for us for food, that is so kind of him."
3. I asked Littlebird if she wanted to help me with dinner she excitedly said, "Sure I am a great chef, I make all the things in the world."
4. Littlebird was telling me that Jesus is with God and he has wings she then said, "But he is not a chicken, he is God." Prettybird quickly cut in and said, " Yeah, he is a chicken. He is a chicken as big as the whole world and we fit under his wings. Just like when it rains a mommy chicken put her chicklings under her we wings. We are like Jesus' chicklings." Guess he is kinda like a chicken:)
5. And this is not one of the things Littlebird said today but it is one of my favorites. She was praying before bed and at the end of her prayer she said, "Please let mommy sleep good, and daddy sleep good and my sissy's sleep good aaannnnddd Jack Black sleep good. Amen." (She really like the Yo Gababa episode with him).
What funny things do the little ones in your life say?

*Sidenote my computer has to go to the shop for a few days but I should have it back by monday. So things may be quiet here for just a bit.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Owl baby Shower

I got to help decorate for a recent baby shower and it was so much fun. I love doing decorating for events. I like the challenge of coming up with cute ideas on a limited budget, its a good creative challenge. The shower was for a sweet first time mommy and her little baby girl due very soon. Luckily for me this mommy loves owls like I do so I was pumped to be able to break out some of my owl collection. I kind of have a weird obsession with owls and birds, but mainly owls. Even before owls were cool I was into them, like I am talking 20 years ago. When I was in the third grade I had an awesome art teacher who gave us full creative freedom. When we were given the assignment to paint a picture for someone I painted a HUGE brown owl sitting on a branch for my step-dad. Most of the other kids painted rainbows or flowers, but no not me just a huge creepy owl. My art teacher thought it was pretty funny and my step-dad loved it. I think it may still be hanging in his office.

On to the shower now. We didn't want it to be overly baby. So the color scheme was earth tones like browns and creams and then just a touch of a pale pink. It was so pretty. My sister in law hosted the shower and has an already beautifully decorated home, so we just added a few owl touches here and there. For the center piece we did a little collage of old small glass vases and bottles. We stuck feathers in some of them and flowers in others. I absolutely loved the way it turned out. We also hung paper puffs we made from the mantle and did a little homemade wreath on the door. There was lots of yummy food including a cake from one of Cincinnati's best bakeries. All in all it was a lot of fun and I think the expecting momma was blessed. Here are some pics of the shower:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Paint

We have had our fair share of snow around here this winter. The first major snow we went sled riding on a golf course. It was so much fun! Unfortunately I have no pictures to show for it. I will say that Prettybird was crazy brave and by the end of the day was going down the biggest hill by herself. Nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw her father sending her down, but she did great. Thank the Lord she didn't run into anyone cause I am pretty sure daddy forgot to teach her how to stop. Since he is the only guy in the house, I think it is extra fun when the birdies get adventurous with him. Sadly after the fun day of sledding, we really didn't play in the snow much more. I know you all hear me on the getting small children ready to play for a whole 10 minutes outside, then all the tears and clean up that follow; not always worth it. But while the Mr. was on the other side of the world I decided we needed to get out and get some good snow time in. I am all about doing adventurers by myself with the birdies however sledding is not one. I had seen several blogs talking about snow paint and thought we would give it a try. And it was a hit! We basically cleaned out some spray bottles and added food coloring and water. I didn't have any blue food coloring so for that one I squirted some blue finger paint in the bottle and diluted it with water. Seemed to work just as well.

It was a lot of fun and this was probably the first time Babybird just ran free in the snow. At one point she did a complete face plant. But no tears on her part, she is pretty fearless. Littlebird had some trouble with the spray bottles so maybe next time water guns would be better or maybe just letting her use an actual paintbrush.
(please excuse our eclectic snow attire, we just grab what we can find)

I highly recommend this, lots of fun and little prep-time. As you can see it doesn't take much snow, we had very little that day. But we created a fun memory and that's what matters most to me. What fun things have you done with all the snow? And yes that was our attempt at a snowman, sad I know.

hello? hello?

Wow this blog is still here:) One of these days I will get this blogging thing down. But here we are back in action. We had a pretty busy holiday season, which I will go back and re-cap at some point. Seabird did a Christmas tour then we had the birthday palooza. All three girls birthdays are within 3 weeks of each other and no we did not plan that. Seabird then took a trip to New Zealand and I have now decided we must move there at some point. It sounded A-mazing. He has been back for a little over a week and since then we have been passing around that awesome respiratory infection that's going around.
Well, I guess that was kind of a re-cap, pictures and more detail will come later. I am considering a new direction for this blog, any suggestions? I have been a crafty fool lately since the Mr. had been traveling so much. I am hoping to post some of those as well. I will leave you with a couple fun photos so you can see how cute my birdies are getting.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall re-cap 2

While we were in Indianapolis we decided to check out there zoo. It is not a huge zoo but it had a lot of really cool exhibits. For starters they have a dolphin show! A real, legit inside dolphin show. It was so fun. We live NO where near a Sea World, so I figured large sea animals doing multiple flips was just not in our future. We were really excited to find out about the dolphin show. For a large sum you can even swim with the dolphins, I am fine to just watch from the bleachers :) You could even go under the dolphin tank and be completely submerged in the water and they would swim all around you. The birdies really loved it. They also have a large cheetah exhibit and PrettyBird has had a thing for cheetahs for quite some time. However it was insanely hot and the cheetahs were feeling pretty lethargic, guess they have been out of Africa too long and can't handle the Indiana sun. It was at the cheetah exhibit that I won the mother of the year award. I thought we were ready to leave so I started walking to what I thought was the exit with BabyBird. I realized no one was following me so I headed back, it was at that point a lady came up to me and asked if my little girl had on a striped dress and then pointed over at LittleBird. She said she was crying for her mom and then ran to that man over there. Thankfully that man was her father. Apparently I had started walking one way and he the other, I guess she just stood in the middle. He was only a good 20 feet from her but I guess when she didn't see him she got scared. So when another mother tells you that your child was crying and couldn't find you, yeah, you begin to hear a small applause in the background and an announcer saying, "and the mother of the year award go's to..." Anyway, aside from that little mishap it was a super fun day and we will definitely plan on going back. Here are some pics from our day

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall re-cap 1

Instead of doing one big week long vacation this year we decided to do a few small trips. We kicked fall off with a trip to the Indianapolis children's museum and zoo. We had a blast! Thanks to some dear friends we got into the museum for free! We ended up spending 2 days at the museum and then a day at the zoo. Have you ever been to the children's museum there? If not you must go, it is awesome. While we were there they had a huge barbie exhibit and our birdies loved it. They even did a little fashion class and fashion show. You will be able to tell by the pictures that LittleBird loved it and PrettyBird was very intimidated (she cried). We also did the dino dig which was super cool. PrettyBird fell in the dino dig and skinned her knee. She thought it was really cool to tell everyone that a dinosaur had given her a boo boo :) Needless to say the birdies loved the museum and before we were even out of the parking garage they were passed out in their seats. I will save pics from the zoo for another post.