Monday, February 21, 2011


So I am awful at sports that involve hand eye coordination, like really awful. So bad that sometimes my friends would get together to play volleyball and would kindly ask me not to participate. Now they were really good and very competitive so I understood why they didn't want me to play, but seriously to be asked by your best friend to sit out, yeah that means you are bad. Basketball, baseball, volleyball and anything similar was a no go for me. I did take dance for many years and was pretty good. I was decent at soccer and did pretty well on the swim team. This Christmas my family was blessed with a the gift of a wii. And guess what, I KICK BUTT at wii basketball. Seriously, unbeatable! Of course I am always trying to teach my little birds that it is not all about winning and its ok to not win as long as you give it your all. But I must say winning is so much fun especially when I totally demolish my Mr. :) It cracks me up to see how frustrated he gets, particularly when I block him every time he takes a shot. If only there was competitive wii sports in high school. The weather here is super gross so I am thinking some wii basketball just might be in-store for the evening. What rainy day activities do you enjoy?

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