Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Paint

We have had our fair share of snow around here this winter. The first major snow we went sled riding on a golf course. It was so much fun! Unfortunately I have no pictures to show for it. I will say that Prettybird was crazy brave and by the end of the day was going down the biggest hill by herself. Nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw her father sending her down, but she did great. Thank the Lord she didn't run into anyone cause I am pretty sure daddy forgot to teach her how to stop. Since he is the only guy in the house, I think it is extra fun when the birdies get adventurous with him. Sadly after the fun day of sledding, we really didn't play in the snow much more. I know you all hear me on the getting small children ready to play for a whole 10 minutes outside, then all the tears and clean up that follow; not always worth it. But while the Mr. was on the other side of the world I decided we needed to get out and get some good snow time in. I am all about doing adventurers by myself with the birdies however sledding is not one. I had seen several blogs talking about snow paint and thought we would give it a try. And it was a hit! We basically cleaned out some spray bottles and added food coloring and water. I didn't have any blue food coloring so for that one I squirted some blue finger paint in the bottle and diluted it with water. Seemed to work just as well.

It was a lot of fun and this was probably the first time Babybird just ran free in the snow. At one point she did a complete face plant. But no tears on her part, she is pretty fearless. Littlebird had some trouble with the spray bottles so maybe next time water guns would be better or maybe just letting her use an actual paintbrush.
(please excuse our eclectic snow attire, we just grab what we can find)

I highly recommend this, lots of fun and little prep-time. As you can see it doesn't take much snow, we had very little that day. But we created a fun memory and that's what matters most to me. What fun things have you done with all the snow? And yes that was our attempt at a snowman, sad I know.

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