Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Owl baby Shower

I got to help decorate for a recent baby shower and it was so much fun. I love doing decorating for events. I like the challenge of coming up with cute ideas on a limited budget, its a good creative challenge. The shower was for a sweet first time mommy and her little baby girl due very soon. Luckily for me this mommy loves owls like I do so I was pumped to be able to break out some of my owl collection. I kind of have a weird obsession with owls and birds, but mainly owls. Even before owls were cool I was into them, like I am talking 20 years ago. When I was in the third grade I had an awesome art teacher who gave us full creative freedom. When we were given the assignment to paint a picture for someone I painted a HUGE brown owl sitting on a branch for my step-dad. Most of the other kids painted rainbows or flowers, but no not me just a huge creepy owl. My art teacher thought it was pretty funny and my step-dad loved it. I think it may still be hanging in his office.

On to the shower now. We didn't want it to be overly baby. So the color scheme was earth tones like browns and creams and then just a touch of a pale pink. It was so pretty. My sister in law hosted the shower and has an already beautifully decorated home, so we just added a few owl touches here and there. For the center piece we did a little collage of old small glass vases and bottles. We stuck feathers in some of them and flowers in others. I absolutely loved the way it turned out. We also hung paper puffs we made from the mantle and did a little homemade wreath on the door. There was lots of yummy food including a cake from one of Cincinnati's best bakeries. All in all it was a lot of fun and I think the expecting momma was blessed. Here are some pics of the shower:

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