Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I find myself sighing a lot this morning, do you ever do that? Not sure why I am I guess maybe I am feeling contemplative. The Mr. headed off to Nashville this morning for some songwriting and the birds and I are taking it easy. I already had one gigantic coffee and since BabyBird decided to only take a 30 second morning nap, I think another cup might need to happen. We may or may not stay in our pajamas all day. No big deal, right? When Babybird was first born she slept like a champ, I couldn't believe it. However things have increasingly gotten worse. I know everyone says I should just put her in her bed and let her cry, but man is there anything else I can do. I know as her momma I need to teach her to sleep and how to go to sleep just as I will teach her other things. But teaching things at 3 in the morning is not too fun. And speaking of the BabyBird, she crawls now. The other birds didn't crawl until they were 9 months old, but I guess she feels the need to keep up with her sisters. She even pulled up to standing the other night so she could reach her sisters in the tub. I guess it is time to really baby proof the house. As I type I can see her chomping away on a wicker basket I have sitting on the floor. She also thoroughly enjoys chomping on toes and not just her own. It will probably really hurt once she gets a tooth, so watch your feet if you ever come over. (Please ignore the chipping off green nail polish, I promise she didn't eat any)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Little trip

Seabird had a show a few hours from home this weekend. It was an outdoor show so I packed up the birds and headed down. I strategically drove down early so we would do the driving during their nap time. Since the Mr. had some free time before he played, we headed over to the historical area of the town. There is a replica of a fort, a crazy awesome climbing tree and the original cabin that Lincoln's parents were married in. It was a lot of fun. I feel a little cheated in the area of American history, not sure if I just slept through that class or what but I really need to freshen up. There was a super old graveyard there. One of the tombstones had the date of 1793. It was the stone that belonged to the lady who brought the first spinning wheel to the state. The title put on her stone was "Revolutionary Patriot." What an amazing title to be remembered by, I found it inspiring. After visiting this area it makes me look forward to taking the birds on more trips to visit historical places. I hope they will develop a love for history and everything we can learn from those before us. Check out some of my favorite pictures of the day. Sadly the only picture I didn't get was that of PrettyBird dancing nonstop during the show, it was awesome.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Things

The Mr. is home and we are loving it, we even got to go on a little date night last night. Some dear friends of ours have been working for several years on opening a salon and last night was the grand opening. Sam is an AMAZING hairstylist and the sweetest guy ever. His wife and I actually went to high school together and she is super awesome as well. Last night they opened thier super chic and beautiful salon called High Five Salon in the Cincinnati area. It was so exciting to see the dream unfold, they have been working hard for years on putting this together. It was very inspiring to me to see them living out their dream. It wasn't easy and they worked really hard and will still work really hard but how cool is it that they made it happen.

It encourages me as we continue on our journey of being a family while supporting the Mr. in his adventures on the road. It isn't easy and it seems like every other day there is another set back, but we are working hard and believe in what we are doing. I don't want our success to be defined by our bank account, rather success should be if we are keeping our joy in the midst of whatever is going on and loving each other more than we love ourselves. If we are blessing others around us and growing as individuals and as a family then I think we are very successful despite what the checking account says.
If you are ever in the Cincinnati area and want the best haircut you have ever had then stop by the High Five Salon. Make sure you call weeks in advance though cause this place is books fast!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excuses, excuses

I really need to stop this once a month blogging. But once again the days turned to weeks and the weeks to a month. I have a pretty good reason though.... WE MOVED! Yay so excited to be in our own home again. We have been living with family and it was a really good thing for us but it is nice to be in our own home again. BabyBird's room is full of boxes and there is still wallpaper to strip but we are here and happy. And if that wasn't enough good news here is some more; the mr. is going to be home from touring for almost a month! So excited to have some good family time together, maybe even packing up the birds and going on a little vacay. I seriously need to do some back posting cause some really cool things have happened this summer. Thanks to the few of you who check in on me and please keep checking.