Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excuses, excuses

I really need to stop this once a month blogging. But once again the days turned to weeks and the weeks to a month. I have a pretty good reason though.... WE MOVED! Yay so excited to be in our own home again. We have been living with family and it was a really good thing for us but it is nice to be in our own home again. BabyBird's room is full of boxes and there is still wallpaper to strip but we are here and happy. And if that wasn't enough good news here is some more; the mr. is going to be home from touring for almost a month! So excited to have some good family time together, maybe even packing up the birds and going on a little vacay. I seriously need to do some back posting cause some really cool things have happened this summer. Thanks to the few of you who check in on me and please keep checking.

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