About Ladybird

I am Ladybird. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, believer, aspiring optimist, tea drinker, vintage lover, chocolate addict, crafter, teacher, homeschooler, science nerd, want to be photographer, music lover, sensitive spirit, compassionate heart, forever learner and now blogger.

My husband, Mr. Bird, is the guitar player in the band Seabird. While he tours the world inspiring people with his music, I take care of our three girlybirds. Bigbird is our 4 year old. She has beautiful red hair, loves to sing and dance, can be dramatic but has the heart of an angel. Super smart and always willing to help out. Littlebird is our 2 year old. Blue eyes like the sky and more curious than george the monkey. Always making us laugh and never afraid to try something new. And babybird is our newest addition born this past December. Not sure on her hair or eyes yet but she has cheeks that you can't help but kiss and a smile that will melt your heart.

We are on an adventure, a journey. Learning to be a family sometimes on the road and sometimes at home. Its not always easy but we are determined to do it together and enjoy it. Never thought this is what we would be doing, but here we are. Follow along as we go on this adventure and hopefully be inspired to start your own