Saturday, February 12, 2011

hello? hello?

Wow this blog is still here:) One of these days I will get this blogging thing down. But here we are back in action. We had a pretty busy holiday season, which I will go back and re-cap at some point. Seabird did a Christmas tour then we had the birthday palooza. All three girls birthdays are within 3 weeks of each other and no we did not plan that. Seabird then took a trip to New Zealand and I have now decided we must move there at some point. It sounded A-mazing. He has been back for a little over a week and since then we have been passing around that awesome respiratory infection that's going around.
Well, I guess that was kind of a re-cap, pictures and more detail will come later. I am considering a new direction for this blog, any suggestions? I have been a crafty fool lately since the Mr. had been traveling so much. I am hoping to post some of those as well. I will leave you with a couple fun photos so you can see how cute my birdies are getting.

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