Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funny things my birdies say

My girls say some of the funniest things and today they were on a roll. So to give you a laugh and for my memory here are a few of their recent ramblings:
1. Littlebird jumps up saying, "I have to go potty, I have to go potty!" she then runs straight in the kitchen yelling to her sisters to not touch her horse she was playing with, suddenly she stops and says, "hey this isn't the bathroom"
2. During bedtime prayers Prettybird thanked the Lord for her daddy and said, "thank you that he works to get money for us for food, that is so kind of him."
3. I asked Littlebird if she wanted to help me with dinner she excitedly said, "Sure I am a great chef, I make all the things in the world."
4. Littlebird was telling me that Jesus is with God and he has wings she then said, "But he is not a chicken, he is God." Prettybird quickly cut in and said, " Yeah, he is a chicken. He is a chicken as big as the whole world and we fit under his wings. Just like when it rains a mommy chicken put her chicklings under her we wings. We are like Jesus' chicklings." Guess he is kinda like a chicken:)
5. And this is not one of the things Littlebird said today but it is one of my favorites. She was praying before bed and at the end of her prayer she said, "Please let mommy sleep good, and daddy sleep good and my sissy's sleep good aaannnnddd Jack Black sleep good. Amen." (She really like the Yo Gababa episode with him).
What funny things do the little ones in your life say?

*Sidenote my computer has to go to the shop for a few days but I should have it back by monday. So things may be quiet here for just a bit.

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