Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall re-cap 2

While we were in Indianapolis we decided to check out there zoo. It is not a huge zoo but it had a lot of really cool exhibits. For starters they have a dolphin show! A real, legit inside dolphin show. It was so fun. We live NO where near a Sea World, so I figured large sea animals doing multiple flips was just not in our future. We were really excited to find out about the dolphin show. For a large sum you can even swim with the dolphins, I am fine to just watch from the bleachers :) You could even go under the dolphin tank and be completely submerged in the water and they would swim all around you. The birdies really loved it. They also have a large cheetah exhibit and PrettyBird has had a thing for cheetahs for quite some time. However it was insanely hot and the cheetahs were feeling pretty lethargic, guess they have been out of Africa too long and can't handle the Indiana sun. It was at the cheetah exhibit that I won the mother of the year award. I thought we were ready to leave so I started walking to what I thought was the exit with BabyBird. I realized no one was following me so I headed back, it was at that point a lady came up to me and asked if my little girl had on a striped dress and then pointed over at LittleBird. She said she was crying for her mom and then ran to that man over there. Thankfully that man was her father. Apparently I had started walking one way and he the other, I guess she just stood in the middle. He was only a good 20 feet from her but I guess when she didn't see him she got scared. So when another mother tells you that your child was crying and couldn't find you, yeah, you begin to hear a small applause in the background and an announcer saying, "and the mother of the year award go's to..." Anyway, aside from that little mishap it was a super fun day and we will definitely plan on going back. Here are some pics from our day

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall re-cap 1

Instead of doing one big week long vacation this year we decided to do a few small trips. We kicked fall off with a trip to the Indianapolis children's museum and zoo. We had a blast! Thanks to some dear friends we got into the museum for free! We ended up spending 2 days at the museum and then a day at the zoo. Have you ever been to the children's museum there? If not you must go, it is awesome. While we were there they had a huge barbie exhibit and our birdies loved it. They even did a little fashion class and fashion show. You will be able to tell by the pictures that LittleBird loved it and PrettyBird was very intimidated (she cried). We also did the dino dig which was super cool. PrettyBird fell in the dino dig and skinned her knee. She thought it was really cool to tell everyone that a dinosaur had given her a boo boo :) Needless to say the birdies loved the museum and before we were even out of the parking garage they were passed out in their seats. I will save pics from the zoo for another post.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out with a bang

The tour is over and our Mr. is home, hurray! Well at least for a little while :) Overall I think my birdies and I did pretty well. I was able to keep us really busy and around lots of people which is always good for us. I poured all of my creativity into re-doing the bathroom to surprise the Mr. when he got home. I mean I am talking about stripping wallpaper, patching holes and lots of painting. I am really happy with the way it turned out and he was definitely surprised. I will post pictures soon. PrettyBird and LittleBird got haircuts. This was LittleBird's first one although I think I am the only one who can tell she got a haircut. Things went well for the 2 and 1/2 weeks he was gone, that is until 24 hours before he got home. LittleBird started saying her tummy hurt and about an hour later we all saw why her tummy was hurting, all over our living room recliner. Oh yeah it was bad. About two hours later PrettyBird said she wasn't feeling well and proved it on our living room rug. This continued every hour until about 10 the next morning. It was a looooong night. BabyBird got a small case of it and since she is still mainly nursing it wasn't too gross. So at the end of the stomach plague there were about 10 loads of laundry (shout out to my M.I.L.for helping with that), 6 pillows in the garbage and a recliner that is completely taken apart and still sitting on the front porch airing out. Not sure if the chair will be saved, but I am trying. So it is good to be healthy again and it is good to have our man home. I will leave you with a cute photo of the older birds. They are planning a Christmas tea with their little friends, this is the pic we put on the invitation. Spot of tea anyone?

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Where did fall go? My last post was at the beginning of fall. It was just starting to cool off and I had all kinds of fun fall things planned for the blog. It is now freezing outside and I didn't put up a single fun fall thing. Oh man. Well here I am now. Fall was really good for us in a lot of ways but we also had several "stretching moments". You know those times when you are not sure how things are going to happen and you can feel yourself getting pulled and stretched like silly putty. Living out of your comfort zone and blindly trusting. Yeah those are always fun times. But seriously we had a great fall, our Mr. was home with us most of September and October. It was so great to just spend time together as a family. We went on a couple road trips and just enjoyed being together. Because he was home that meant he wasn't playing shows, no shows equals limited funds know what I mean. But the Lord was good to us and supplied all our needs including a new (to us) van when big red bit the dust. And once again I am humbled and repentant of all the days I had a bad attitude and questioned how things would work out. Lets see have I ever gone hungry? no. have I ever been homeless? no. have I always been given more than I deserve? yes. Some day this silly mind of mine will finally wrap itself around the concept that I am loved and provided for even when it seems the opposite.
So here we are, the beginning of November. The Mr. is on the road again and these three birdies are growing up before my eyes. I am actually staring to plan a first birthday party, eek! I am also setting several goals for myself for the next couple months, I should make a list and post it then maybe I feel more accountable. I also want to do a couple fall recaps. For now I will leave you with a favorite family pic from on of our little trips. How was fall for everyone else?