Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall re-cap 1

Instead of doing one big week long vacation this year we decided to do a few small trips. We kicked fall off with a trip to the Indianapolis children's museum and zoo. We had a blast! Thanks to some dear friends we got into the museum for free! We ended up spending 2 days at the museum and then a day at the zoo. Have you ever been to the children's museum there? If not you must go, it is awesome. While we were there they had a huge barbie exhibit and our birdies loved it. They even did a little fashion class and fashion show. You will be able to tell by the pictures that LittleBird loved it and PrettyBird was very intimidated (she cried). We also did the dino dig which was super cool. PrettyBird fell in the dino dig and skinned her knee. She thought it was really cool to tell everyone that a dinosaur had given her a boo boo :) Needless to say the birdies loved the museum and before we were even out of the parking garage they were passed out in their seats. I will save pics from the zoo for another post.

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