Friday, September 3, 2010

Goodbye August

Seriously cannot believe it is already September, summer flew by. I am very happy of the thought of fall though. I have always been a cold weather fan, not that fall is cold but definitely a step in that direction. August was a HOT month for us. I am a baby when it comes to hot weather, I just don't function well. Aside from the heat august provided us with some great memories. BabyBird started crawling which as I said before was a surprise since her sisters didn't start crawling until they were older. She also decided to end the month by starting to stand up! She looks so short when she stands up its adorable. LittleBird potty trained and I am a happy momma to only have 1 in diapers now. She was so easy, only took like 2 days. She would get a jellybean every time she went. It was really cute to see her running down the hallway bare bottom chanting, " I get a jelly bean." It was a sad day though when the jelly beans ran out :) My little brother also turned 18 this August. Now that makes me feel old. We just had a small gathering with family to celebrate. It was his first birthday without mom, so we just kept it simple. I did however manage to find the shirt my parents had made for me when he was born. It has his name and says that I am him his big sister, and I could fit into it! I was pretty excited that a shirt I wore when I was 10 still fit after three kids. And to wrap August up my sis-in-law ( who has an amazing voice) sang the national anthem at a local baseball game and PrettyBird got to go to her first football game with her daddy and grampy, she loved it. So thanks August, you were good to us. Here are some pics to re-cap the month.

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  1. Hooray for Little Bird! Sounds like an exciting month for you all! We are looking forward to fall too!