Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today was a pretty normal day. Ran lots of errands, why are errands always so tiring? I thought I had everything timed out right tonight to be home in time to hear Seabird on "Ghost Whisperer", well I missed it by about 5 minutes. Bummer. Oh well I am glad their song was used on the show and I will just have to get the details of it from the ones who saw it. Did any of you see it?
I am getting pretty excited, in less then 24 hours my Mr. will be home! He really hasn't been gone too long (little less than 2 weeks) but it sure feels like it. I guess I just got so used to having him here over the holidays. But it seems that when the weather starts to get warm that's when they hit the road. I am hoping to take the birds to some of the summer festivals he is playing at this year. Those are always fun for kids, being outside and free to run around. Stopping just long enough to dance to one of daddy's guitar solos:)
I am thinking about starting a series of posts called flashbacks. They will be posts kind of going back and recapping on are adventures as a family and the band up until this point. It has been a crazy ride and still is. Hoping to do the first flashback tomorrow. This was a very random post oh well, good night for now!

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