Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy Lady

I often get looked at like I am a crazy lady. Whenever I bring my kids to shows I get a few " ahh look how cute, those little ones love the music" looks, but usually its more "that lady is nuts bringing those kids to a rock concert, bad mom" kind of looks. We have always said we wanted this to be a family thing and I try hard to make it that way. It is a lot of work taking these little birds to shows but they absolutely love seeing their daddy play. They know every word to every song. I think its important for them to see their daddy at work, it helps them understand better when he is gone for long periods. They know what he is doing cause they have seen him do it. I do have to be picky about where I take the kids. I don't take them to bar shows or places were there could be questionable behavior. Big bird observes everything and asks lots of questions, some things I am just not ready to explain to her. They are so cute to watch at the shows with their hot pink headphones on to protect their ears. They dance and sing and have a ball, I can't help but smile. Here are some pictures of big and little bird at some shows. Baby bird hasn't made it to one yet. My camera was on some crazy setting so the pictures are really bad, but you get the idea.

Tonight Mr. Bird is playing at a place where I wouldn't take the kids and since baby bird only goes a few hours between feedings I knew I would be sitting this show out too. Instead I headed down to the venue with baby bird to have dinner with the Mr. before the show started. He wasn't quite ready to leave so baby bird and I just waited in the back. I got several of the crazy lady looks while waiting. "Why in the world would you bring a baby here," was written all over their faces. I thought it was funny, I have brought my kids to lots of shows but I know when to draw the line. So to all of those who stare, no I am not crazy. I am just a mom who loves her kids and her husband and wants us to enjoy life together. Where is the craziest place you have taken your kids?

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