Saturday, March 20, 2010

Music City

Recently the Mr. and I took a short trip to Nashville. Babybird came too since we can't seem to get her to take a bottle. Its ok though she is a great traveler, slept most of the trip. I always enjoy visiting Nashville, there are so many great friends there who we do not get to see enough, yummy food and cool vintage shops. The main reason for our trip was to meet with a man named Al. He (Al) has a great ministry called Porter's Call which offers counseling to individuals and families in the music industry. With the addition of a new new baby followed quickly by the death of my mother, we have been in need of some good advice. Life is so different now and we knew that before the Mr. hit the road again we were going to need to work through some things. Al was wonderful. He was such a great listener and so compassionate, you can tell right away he has a heart for people. Most of what we talked about was how I was dealing with losing my mom. Al was able to offer some great ideas and even some books for me to read. I am so thankful for Porter's Call, everyone should check them out. Since they are a ministry they offer their services free of charge, isn't that amazing? I am sure some of the musicians you like to listen to have sat on the same couch as us and received help from Al. I know in the near future they will be doing some fundraising. I will let you know when in case you would like to get involved.

When the band first got signed and started touring full time we were warned about the toll it can take on families especially marriages. There are so many stories of the marriages of musicians falling apart. Its really sad. When a spouse is on the road for long periods of time and sometimes bringing home little to nothing financially, it can cause some tension. I think jealousy can easily set in when one person gets to play cool shows, hangout with awesome people, sign autographs and travel around the country, while the other stays back and works or cares for kids. Communication with someone always in a van or on a tour bus with lots of other people is really difficult. I could go on and on but you can see how these things can add to all the pressure there already is on marriage. We have tried to always be aware of this so that way when things get difficult we can deal with it head on. Sometimes we succeed and other times we fail. But I am very thankful that I have a husband who is willing to invest in our marriage even if it means driving long distances to receive some advice and help. I hope this encourages you and challenges you to take some time to pour into your relationships. Whether it's working on communication, having sometime away or even receiving some counseling. It will be so worth it in the end. Now go tell that someone you love them !

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